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Education, Training and Competencies

Guidance in these courses includes:

  • WMO standards and recommended practices related to competency and qualifications of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel (AMP);
  • Resources to support education and training and aeronautical meteorology;
  • Examples of best practice in education, training and competency assessment.


This course is designed to provide a framework for demonstrating competence of Aeronautical Meteorological Observers (AMO) and Aeronautical Meteorological Forecasters (AMF). 

The purpose of this page is to provide a platform for WMO Members to discuss the proposed amendments to the WMO Technical Regulations No. 49, Volume I, and WMO-No.1209 as pertains to AMP qualifications and competencies.

For detailed information on the proposed amendments, please refer to the WMO Services for Aviation website at:

The forums are dedicated to sharing experiences and international support for organizations and individuals from member states in implementation, development and fine-tuning the competency and competency assessment approach for Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel

Regulatory and Reference Materials as WMO rules, guides and regulations, resources from member states, endorsed by ET-ETC as support for implementation, development and fine tuning of competency and competence assessment approach