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D-Day for the AMFs Education and Training Standards

D-Day for the AMFs Education and Training Standards

by Raf Windmolders -
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Seven years ago, a major change for aviation meteorology was adopted by WMO Congress and this change started with the implementation of a new concept - Meteorologist competency - which became effective 1-st of December 2013.

In order to ensure not only the competency of Aviation Meteorologists but also the education level for Aviation Forecasters, the Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists became compulsory. Today, 1-st of December 2016 this requirement has come into force, with all details according to WMO Technical Regulations No. 49 Vol. 1. All information can be found on the ET-ETC website:

The ET-ETC is and will be continuously available to offer all necessary support to member states and organizations for these topics