Resources from the WMO CAeM Sessions
A collection of presentations and resources from the Asia/PAC SIGMET Seminar
Bangkok, Thailand 11-13 July 2007

The main focus of the workshop is to discuss about various aspects and issues related with Aviation weather forecasting and competency requirement for AMF. Competency assessment tools, assessment process and how competency is ascertained etc. are discussed in detail in the workshop. The issues related with the application of Forecast and warnings for international air navigation and production of TAF are also discussed.  Aviation weather hazards, forecasting and warning are emphasized in the workshop, besides Quality Management System and competency assessment in the field.

Participants from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Maldives, Mongolia, Bahrain, Bhutan, Iran, Madagaskar,Laos PDR, Qatar, Brunei. 

The Workshop is organized by the RA IV Task Force on SIGMET and Competency of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel, with support from the WMO Office in Costa Rica and the Aeronautical Meteorology Division (AEM/WDS). The objective of the Workshop is to assist RA IV Members to improve their SIGMET practices and resolve related deficiencies, and to progress the competency assessment of the aeronautical meteorological forecasters.

10-12 April 2013
A selection of aviation meteorological services presentations delivered during the training course
Hong Kong, China
July 2005
Workshop Objective: To improve the scientific aspects of the International Airways Volcano Watch
Rotorua, New Zealand
26-30 March 2007